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EZ-Flash 2 Review

The EZ-Flash 2 (shortened to EZ2) is one of the latest of the next generation flash cartridges. The EZ2 is currently available in one cartridge size; 256M but soon a 512M, 768M and a 1G will be available. The linker is similar to the EZ-Flash 1 linker which is connected by a USB cable (USB v1.1 and v2.0 standards compatible).

The main features of the EZ2:

Hardware Saving

Real Time Clock

Hardware Cheat Support

Software Rebooting

The EZ2 is packaged in a nice gift box. With this you get the EZ2 Cartridge which is the same physical size as a normal GBA cartridge, a EZ2 Linker which is about twice the height as the cartridge, a PC to EZ2 Linker USB cable and also a software CD which contains the gab rom backuping / flashing program and drivers.

Installation of the EZ2 is a straightforward standard hardware install. Install the drivers and then connect the EZ2 Linker, Windows will then recognize the new hardware and install the drivers for the EZ2 Linker. A small point to note, if you have an XG2 or Flash2Advance previously/currently installed will not be able to use either the old hardware or the EZ2 at the same time.

As you can see from the above screenshot of the EZ II writer everything is well presented with buttons along the top for quick use of the main functions of the program. The software requires very little configuration so within starting the program for the first time you should be able to flash the cartridge within 30 seconds. At the moment there is no english manual for the EZ2 but the manufacturers have said that an English one will be made once the software has been finalized.

Out of the XG2 / EZ2 / EZF software I have to say that the EZ2 is my favourite, you can see everything that is going on. Simple things like what type of Save the rom uses, the size of the save (which you can edit if needed) and if it supports cheats and reset features. The XG2 software also features most of these but the EZF software looks very basic in comparison. Like I said above the the software is still being worked on and there are even more nice features planned in the future.

New version of the software was released fixing some bugs and adding new features. Main additions are a new boot menu which is similar to a Windows window if you get what I mean, another feature is the ability to set the RTC date and time from within the software and finally set set a password on the boot menu so only yourself can play the games, nice for little brothers who like to overwrite your saves when sneaking a few games on your GBA.

The first feature of the EZ 2 is the addition of the Real Time Clock (aka RTC) chip. The RTC is currently only used in the Pokemon games, personally I tried the RTC feature and left it switched off overnight, the next day the clock was spot on so the RTC seems to work just fine. Like I mentioned its only used in Pokemon at the moment but there will probably be other games in the future which use a RTC and it has some potential extra uses in the homegrown development scene like a GBA PDA application or something.

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